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Shanghai laser cutting

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Shanghai laser cutting

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Shanghai laser cutting


Shanghai laser cutting


Shanghai Laser Cutting Products basic information:

Sheet Metal Material: Steel
Sheet metal thickness: 8 (mm)
Molded parts: Construction Machinery Parts
Cutting mode: NC CNC cutting
Tolerance: 0.1
Processing operations: flanging, embedded flanging, bending, reinforcement ribs, stamping, punching, cutting, rounded, shape, expand
Finish: The Shanghai laser cutting products surface treatments according to customer requirements
Surface roughness: smooth
Proofing time: 4-7 days
Processing time: 4-7 days
Maximum annual processing capacity: 1 million
Application: The Shanghai laser cutting products used in telecommunications, bridges, electricity, industrial equipment, and other public facilities


Shanghai laser cutting Details:

Our franchise Shanghai laser cutting products, is a company with more than Shanghai advanced laser cutting equipment, laser cutting products manufacturer specializing in Shanghai as one of the company, quality control, low-cost sales is our business objectives, Shanghai laser cutting products have been sold to many regions, a good reputation! We welcome you to visit our company, your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!
Shanghai Laser cutting is the use of high power density of the focused laser beam parts, so that the rapid melting of the irradiated material, vaporization, ablation or achieve ignition, while the high-speed air stream coaxial with the beam by means of blowing molten material in order to achieve the workpiece cut. Shanghai Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods. Shanghai Laser cutting can be divided into laser vaporization, laser melting cutting, laser cutting and laser scribing oxygen and control fracture four categories.


Shanghai Laser cutting products displayed:


Shanghai laser cutting

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