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Equipment metal structure

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Equipment metal structure

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Equipment metal structure


Equipment metal structure


Equipment metal structure basic information:

Sheet Metal Material: Steel
Sheet metal thickness: 70 (mm)
Processing Dimensions / L * W * H: can develop (mm)
Molded parts: Construction Machinery Parts
Cutting way: shears
Tolerance: 0.1
Processing operations: flanging, embedded flanging, bending, reinforcement ribs, stamping, punching, cutting, rounded, shape, expand
Surface treatment: according to customer requirements
Surface roughness: smooth
Proofing time: 4-7 days
Processing time: 4-7 days
Maximum annual processing capacity: 1 million
Applications: The metal structure of the device for communication, bridges, electric power, industrial equipment, public facilities, and others


Equipment metal structure manufacturers:

Division I uphold the advanced equipment metal structure processing technology, we have been trying to build the best quality, the most intimate of services available. The company has advanced international standards of equipment metal structure processing equipment, from product cutting, rolling, welding wait until the last delivery Jieke meet customer needs.
The company has a high-quality, high efficiency of the workforce. For each customer, we will according to different requirements, develop a professional control system from the device to the metal structure of the design process to ensure the quality of equipment metal structure. We hope that our company equipment metal structure can provide you with more efficient productivity, saving more investment costs, reduce your costs associated with purchasing and production, resulting in greater economic benefits!


Equipment metal structure Show:


Equipment metal structure

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