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Large laser cutting

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Large laser cutting

所属分类:Laser cutting

Large laser cutting


Large laser cutting


Large laser cutting products basic information:

Workpiece material: steel
Processing Type: large laser cutting
Processing Product range: metal accessories products
Proofing time: 4-7 days
Processing time: 4-7 days
In the remaining processing capacity: 1000000 (pieces)
Thickness: 2mm


Large laser cutting Category:

1) Large-scale laser cutting laser vaporization
The use of high energy density of the laser beam of the workpiece is heated, the temperature rises rapidly, in a very short period of time to reach the boiling point of the material, the material begins to vaporize to form a vapor. These vapor discharge rate is large, the vapor ejected while the material in the notch. Heat of vaporization material is generally large, so large-scale laser cutting laser vaporization requires a lot of power and power density when cutting. Large laser cutting laser vaporization used for thin metal materials and non-metallic materials (such as paper, cloth, wood, plastic and rubber, etc.) cut.
2) Large-scale laser cutting laser melting cutting
Large laser cutting laser cutting melts when heated by laser to melt metal material, and then by blowing a non-oxidizing gas (Ar, He, N, etc.) coaxial with the nozzle beam, relying on a strong pressure of the gas discharged liquid metal, a cut. Large laser cutting laser cutting does not require metal melting completely vaporized, vaporization energy required only 1/10. Large laser cutting the laser cutting mainly used for melting of some easy oxidation of materials or reactive metal cutting, such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and its alloys.
3) Large-scale laser cutting Laser oxygen cutting
Large laser laser cutting oxyacetylene cutting oxygen cutting principle is similar. It is used as a preheating laser source with active gas such as oxygen cutting gas. Blowing out gas on the one hand and cutting metal, the occurrence of the oxidation reaction and emit a lot of heat of oxidation; on the other hand the molten oxide and melt blown out of the reaction zone, a cut in the metal.
Because of the cutting process of oxidation generated a lot of heat, so large laser cutting oxygen cutting laser energy is needed to melt 1/2 cut, and cut much faster than the laser vaporization cutting and melt cutting. Laser oxygen cutting is mainly used in steel, titanium steel and heat treatment of steel and other metals easily oxidized materials.
4) large-scale laser cutting laser scribing and control fracture
Laser scribing is the use of high energy density laser scans the surface of a brittle material, and the material is heated to evaporate a small groove, then apply some pressure, brittle material will split along the small groove at. Laser scribing lasers typically used Q-switched lasers and CO2 lasers.
Control fracture steep temperature generated by the laser grooved profile, resulting in local thermal stress in a brittle material, the material along the small groove disconnected.


Large laser cutting products displayed:


Large laser cutting

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