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Fan parts are the components that make up a fan, which is a device used to circulate air. There are many different types of fan parts, including blades, motors, bearings, housings, guards, grilles, and power cords.

Blades are the rotating parts of a fan that move air and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Motors are the power source that drives the blades, and bearings help reduce friction and improve efficiency. Housings keep the fan parts together and protect them from damage.

Guards and grilles are safety features designed to keep people and objects from coming into contact with the blades. Power cords are used to supply electrical power to the motor.

Fan parts can be used to create a wide range of fan types, including ceiling fans, desk fans, pedestal fans, tower fans, and wall-mounted fans. Understanding the function of each part is important for maintaining and repairing fans.

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