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Songjiang laser cutting

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Songjiang laser cutting

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Songjiang laser cutting


Songjiang laser cutting


Laser cutting products Songjiang basic information:

Workpiece material: carbon steel
Processing Type: Songjiang laser cutting
Processing Product range: metal accessories products
Proofing time: 4-7 days
Processing time: 4-7 days
In the remaining processing capacity: 1000000 (pieces)
Thickness: 2mm


Songjiang laser cutting advantages:

Songjiang laser cutting compared with other thermal cutting methods, general characteristics of the cutting speed and high quality. Specific summarized as the following.
Good cutting quality, since the laser spot small, high energy density, fast cutting, laser cutting Matsue thus possible to obtain a better cut quality.
Songjiang laser cutting incisions were thin, slit both sides of the parallel and perpendicular to the surface, the dimensional accuracy of cut parts up to ± 0.05mm.
cut smooth surface appearance, surface roughness only tens of microns, even Songjiang laser cutting can be used as the last step, without mechanical processing, parts can be used directly.
material after Songjiang laser cutting, heat-affected zone width is small slit near the material properties are almost not affected,High cutting precision, slit geometry is good, slit showing a rectangular cross-sectional shape is more rules.

Songjiang laser cutting products displayed:

Songjiang laser cutting

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