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Welded structure processing

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Welded structure processing

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Welded structure processing


Welded structure processing


Welded structure processing products basic information:

Sheet Metal Material: Steel
Sheet metal thickness: 8 (mm)
Processing Dimensions / L * W * H: can develop (mm)
Molded parts: Chassis
Cutting way: shears
Tolerance: 0.1
Processing Step: welded structure processing products related to the processing operations have flanging, embedded flanging, bending, reinforcement ribs, stamping, punching, cutting, rounded, shape, expand
Surface treatment: according to customer requirements
Surface roughness: smooth
Proofing time: 4-7 days
Processing time: 4-7 days
Maximum annual processing capacity: 1 million
Application: welded structure processing products are used in telecommunications, bridges, electricity, industrial equipment, public facilities, and others
Because welded structure processing products good internal quality and reasonable price, processing speed, high precision, by many manufacturers of praise. And for many well-known domestic enterprises to supporting supply.



Welded structure processing factory advantages:

. ★ 1 rapid response: the fastest time commitment to give you a detailed offer descriptions welded structure processing and product information; commitment to the shortest time required for you to tailor your products and services.
★ 2 high-quality products and prices: My company manufacturers procurement, procurement of raw materials and other large quantitative measures to reduce the company's costs, and ensure the welding Fabricating product quality and inexpensive, and effective integration of our economies of scale advantages gained direct benefits to customers.


Welded structure processing products displayed:


Welded structure processing

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