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Metal constructions

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Metal constructions

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Metal constructions


Metal constructions


Metal structure basic information:

Sheet Metal Material: Steel
Sheet metal thickness: 8 (mm)
Processing Dimensions / L * W * H: can develop (mm)
Molded parts: Chassis
Cutting way: shears
Tolerance: 0.1
Manufacturing processes: metal structure will be involved in the process are flanging, embedded flanging, bending, reinforcement ribs, stamping, punching, cutting, rounded, shape, expand
Surface treatment: according to customer requirements
Surface roughness: smooth
Proofing time: 4-7 days
Processing time: 4-7 days
Maximum annual processing capacity: 1 million
Applications: metal structure application communications industry, bridges, electricity, industrial equipment, public facilities, and others


Metal structure details:

Commonly used metal structure to the most widely used steel structure, light steel structure is used mainly light H-beam (welding or rolling; variable cross-section or the like) to make the gate-shaped rigid frame, C, Z type Cold - Formed steel for purlins and wall beams, pressure plate or lightweight sandwich panel for roofing, wall building envelope, use of high-strength bolts, common bolts and self-tapping screws and other fittings and sealing materials assembled prefabricated low-rise and multi-layer steel structure housing system.
Metal structure of the high-rise steel is used mainly steel, steel plate or welded into a member, and then the architecture connected together. High-rise steel metal structure often used steel frame, steel frame - supporting structure, steel frame - concrete tube (shear) structure, etc., which in modern high-rise, high-rise buildings is widely used, are steel - concrete hybrid structure, the steel and concrete complementary advantages, give full play to material performance.


Metal structure Show:


Metal constructions

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